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North India

North India, more than a region , a country, a subcontinent does not count his treasures born at the whim of a rich history of vicissitudes, intermingling and influences . The invaders from the Eastern deserts or steppes of Central Asia , have left their mark on this land coveted and cherished . Empires and kingdoms succeeded one another , just as the six major religions , still present today in the stone and the pervasively present practices.

A trip to North India book you the treasures of these legendary lands, more than a region, a country, a subcontinent, born of a will full of adventure story, intermingling and influences. Each invader during his trip in North India, came from the deserts of Eastern or Central Asian steppes, has left its mark on a still hot property, darling, popular with young and old conquerors. The empires and kingdoms that succeeded, but also the great religions present today in the stone and in the practices so pervasively present are also part of your trip in northern India. Nature is no exception, animal sanctuaries for wildlife and flora of an incredible variety seduce the traveler in search of another India ...

North India
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